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When you get a flood insurance quote from us you can be sure there isn’t another company in the coutry that has a better rate. Most companies are lucky if they have access to 1 or 2 flood insurance carriers. We have access to more than 10 different alternative low cost flood insurance companies. The pricing between different carriers can be thousands of dollars and thats why you need to get a quote from us. Save more money and save more time.

In 2017 we saved our clients more than $1 Million in excessive flood insurance costs. Help us double that number this year by seeing how much we can save you on flood insurance. Commercial and Residential Flood Insurance Available. Pricing- Low-Risk Flood Zone: $137+/ year | Medium-Risk Flood Zone: $450+ /year | High-Risk Flood Zone: $2,000+ /year (rare)

It’s commonly misunderstood that there is only one option for flood insurance, the NFIP. This is far from true, this misunderstanding is costing US consumers more than $2 Billion every year. Generally speaking, a flood insurance policy through the NFIP will cost nearly double or triple the price of a policy through our Lloyds low-cost alternatives. Aside from the significant pricing differences, you actually recieve less coverage through the NFIP. In addition to that, the NFIP is more than $26 billion dollars in debt. Lloyds has $28 billion in liquid assets, and $100 billion in a trust fund. Who do you want to put your trust in?

Our Flood Risk Report will help you better understand the potential risk of flood damage to your property and whether you need flood insurance or not. Included in the report you receive an aerial image of the property with an overlay of the latest FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map. A Personalized flood insurance quote including our lowest cost flood insurance option. Determination of whether your property is a good candidate to dispute the current flood zone determination. Request your free report today.

Due to the inaccurate FEMA flood mapping we have successfully been helping many homeowner’s dispute the ruling on their flood zone determinations. This gives consumers the opportunity to choose not to carry flood insurance, or become eliglible for a discounted low-risk flood policy. Speak with one of our flood specialists today to see if your property is a good canidate.

Once you see how much we can save you on your flood insurance you will want to see how much more you can save on your other insurance needs. Now offereing Lloyds Home Insurance along with many other specialty products to help American’s like you, save your hard earned money.

Our services have helped countless Americans save thousands of dollars. You can really make a big difference in other people’s lives when you help them discover the savings they could have with Yep Insurance. Contact us to find out more about how you can make some money while making a difference.

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