Take a dive into the deep history of Yep Insurance. We’re proud to be the company we’ve become today. The journey has been long but well worth hard work. Ultimately, our goal has been to position ourselves to best take care of you, the consumer. Have we succeeded in that? Yep! Enjoy!


May 2016

Yep Insurance moves into fancy offices in the heart of Downtown Denver. Top floor Penthouse Suite 2800. The view is breathtaking!

January 2015

Forged International Partnership with Konstantinos Kaloulis Owner & CEO of and

April 2014

Appointed with Private Market Flood.

February 2014

Founder’s of Yep visit Lloyd’s of London

June 2008

Acquired existing Indepent Property & Casualty Agency located in Boulder Colorado for $1.2 M.

January 1983

The internet is invented. Phewwwww! Good thing that happened. Can you imagine how hard it’d be to shop for a good insurance company without the internet.

August 1968

The US Congress starts the National Flood Insurance Program to help protect those in flood zones.

October 1908

The 1st mass produced automobile is born. Thanks Mr Ford! How would we get around without you?

May 2016

Partnered with ISU Insurance Agency Network adding over 350 top rated carries to better serve our customers nationwide. Yep thats a lot!!!

June 2014

Launched niche Flood Insurance program specializing in Private and Government Flood Insurance.

March 2014

Website is starting to get snazzy, we finally added our first animated video. Thanks to Konstantinos &

October 2011

Acquired existing Independent Property & Casualty Agency located in Port Richey Florida for $500K.

August 2002

Co-Founder Emerson Willis starts his Insurance Career by obtaining his insurance licenses.

January 1982

Co-Founder Glenn Willis starts his Insurance Career by obtaining license.

Sometime in the 1940’s

The first version of home insurance was introduced to the US. If we want to get technical, the first combined risk policy for a Home was in September of 1950.

January 1688

Lloyds of London is birthed. No, we’re not Lloyd’s but we do give our customers special access to Lloyds Insurance products that help them save $1,000’s.

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